How to Book

To arrange an appointment, please call me or send an email. If I am unable to take your call, please leave a message with your name and number and I'll get back to you.

When you book with me, you will receive a confirmation email with the time, length and price of your treatment as well as my bank details.

Before your first massage I will arrange a short call with you. This call allows us to discuss your specific needs and begins the consultation that will continue your appointment allowing more time for your massage.

For new clients, and as a general preference, I ask for payment in advance by bank transfer (BACS). Payment in full using cash or cheque at the end of appointments is welcome from returning or regular clients.

Terms & Conditions

There will be times when receiving a treatment is not in your best interest or certain conditions or states that would exclude you completely from receiving massage.

For example:

  • if you have a fever
  • if you are infectious
  • if you have a condition which could be exacerbated by massage

Please download and read my Terms & Conditions document carefully. It's an important document and I will ask you to sign a statement of consent before your first massage.

If you have any doubts about whether you should attend your appointment, please call or email me as soon as possible for advice. It may be that I can treat you, but avoiding particular areas of your body. Or it may be appropriate for you to stay at home, rest and reschedule your appointment for a later date.

Cancellation Policy

When you book a massage with me, that time and space is reserved exclusively for you. If you are unable get to your treatment I ask that you give me as much notice as possible. I will do my utmost to keep to our arrangement and I ask the same of you.

Unless in exceptional circumstances, I reserve the right to charge you the full cost of any missed appointments, or those cancelled with less than 24 hours notice.

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Call or email to arrange an appointment.

01353 749988

Terms & Conditions

Please read carefully before your first visit. You'll be asked to sign a consent statement referencing this document.

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